Chill out in luxury

Written on 10 Jan 2014

Pamper yourself with an ultimate journey to the land of Gods.

“Chill out in luxury” is an invitation for an ultimate journey to Greece, an invitation to experience an unknown feeling of freedom and a distinct view on the breathtaking Greek landscape.

Embark on a private yacht and feel the sensuality and serenity of a lifestyle spun out in the warmth of the southern sun that make Greece today the quintessential Mediterranean escape. Live the dramatic lunar beauty of the Cyclades and the infinitive scattering of their enchanting islands in the deep azure sea while enjoying an ice-cold drink on your deck. You will discover places that dreams are made of in the charming harbors of the Aegean, in the peaceful bays on lonely islands, in the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Mykonos with sun-drenched days and Dionysian nights, or in the captivating Ioanian islands with their lush vegetation.

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