Experience fun and adventure

Written on 10 Jan 2014

Unforgettable moments for nature and sports enthusiasts.

Greece’s legend extends far beyond its whitewashed villages and beautifully rugged coastlines: diverse gorges, alpine lakes, coastal lagoons, gushing rivers, thermal hot springs, slot canyons, feathery pine forests. An ecosystem of unique diversity and an exciting multifaceted landscape offer unique opportunities to combine the magical journey to the birthplace of western philosophy with a wide range of entertaining, adventurous activities in a unique natural environment.

Are you passionate about water sports? Then Greece is the perfect destination for you. Seize the opportunity for scuba diving and get to know the wonderful unknown world of enchanting beauty, the silent paradise filled with myriads of colorful sea species, shipwrecks, caves, coral reefs and underwater archaeological treasures. 16.500 kilometers of coastline suitable for diving and glass-clear seas recorded as the cleanest in the Mediterranean make diving in the “big blue” a unique experience for those who attempt it.

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