Passion for culture

Written on 10 Jan 2014

Follow the primeval path of sun and sea.

Welcome to Greece, a magical place that entices even the most demanding traveller thanks to its natural beauties and unrivalled history spanning thousands of years.

Located at the crossroads of three continents and five seas, Greece had the privilege and the luck to play a leading role in several periods of human history. What should we remember first? The Minoan and Myceneaen Civilizations, the Classical Athens and Sparta or Alexander the Great, conqueror of the world? Knossos and Mycenae,the Acropolis and the Parthenon or Vergina and the royal tombs of the Macedonian kings? The heroes of the Greek mythology, the audacious deeds of glorious Ulysses or the Twelve Olympians? Greece is one of the most impressive historical palimpsest of mankind. For centuries it has been an inspiration for painters, sculptors, poets and writers.

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